About us

Maribel & Ronnie have been married for 9 years and live in the city of Cusco, both studied tourism, and that’s how they met. For several years they worked in the service area of Hostels and Hotels, that’s how 5 years ago they decided to open their own business and found their own Hostel for backpackers called Colonial Hostels.

After 2 years they changed the name to Tunqui Hostels because it was Ronnie’s mother’s surname and a reference to the emblematic Tunki bird of Peru. The hostel was working very well and was at 100% occupancy but after 3 years of operation new businesses began to appear that made the occupancy drop and then the pandemic ended up damaging the business.

This is how the new project “Casa Tunki” was born, which has a fusion food restaurant using the characteristic ingredients of the region, bars and a lodging area in shared rooms but applying technology, design, art and a better infrastructure than the competition.


Casa Tunki’s vision is to be a chain of premium Hostels that combines gastronomy and lodging to provide its clients with an innovative tourism experience in which art and infrastructure are enhanced with typical elements of the area.


Casa Tunki seeks to offer a new gastronomic experience to the Cusquenian public and tourists, we will offer fusion food using the most representative ingredients of the region, in a modern environment that combines art with the Cusquenian culture. It also offers a premium hostel format for its guests where every detail has been thought for their comfort.